On a vacation recently, I ran into unfamiliar territory trying to find a restaurant a few times. It can be fun when traveling and stopping at places you had no idea existed, but sometimes what you want doesn’t come up at the right time. That’s just one of the reasons that you would want to know what restaurants to visit in Ayr, Scotland when on vacation. There are plenty of them, and so you’ll have your pick from among the best. Taking a quick look at a ratings site can give you some great ideas.

One great restaurant in Ayr, Scotland is Vito’s Italian restaurant. Not only is it supposed to be good Italian food, but it’s supposed to be the best restaurant in the entire area according to one travel site at least. They serve up homemade pasta dishes, great pizza and appetizers like stuffed mushrooms. Many of the reviews of this restaurant talk about quick service and great food, so you’re not going to be disappointed here it looks like.

Another restaurant that is top-rated in Ayr, Scotland is The Chestnuts Hotel’s Restaurant. It sounds like you might want to see about staying at The Chestnut Hotel while you’re in the area if the restaurant is that good. What kind of dishes does this restaurant serve up? First of all, they have a vegan menu, so if you happen to be vegan or vegetarian, this is going to be right up your alley. There are plenty of other interesting dishes there, too. Other top-rated restaurants in Ayr, Scotland are Treehouse, Ayr India, Carrick Lodge Restaurant and The Balgarth Pines. All that talk about restaurants found me hungry, and I had to go grab a bite to eat. Now you know where to do the same in Ayr, Scotland.